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Black lives matter and beyond, all lives matter

By 1 July, 2020August 26th, 2020No Comments

George Floyd’s death set off a worldwide reaction, black lives matter, about the effects of racism. Can you see your fellow humans as they are or is there a color in the way you view others. For me it is not only about white vs black or any other color skin. It is something much deeper that keeps us in separation and highlights the attributes that apparently separate us. 


There are a couple of things I would like to touch on:

What I describe here is also about my own journey…

Many of us are not able to see past the surface, past the skin. That is my observation. That is OK, nothing wrong, just an invitation 🙂 Past the skin is where we are not separate, the light every one carries is the light of our divinity and that is the level where we are inseparable, where we are connected, where we are one. 

We carry so much prejudice, often already from an early age. I myself vaguely remember, as a child, being told that different coloured people are dangerous, without further specification here because I don’t want to name any group of people. These kind of believes are transferred to us as children and that still happens.


The way our society works nowadays, the amount of inequality in all directions, the way news is presented to us, reinforces this sense of inequality, the separation of the sexes, races, religious believes, sexual orientation, the way you dress, having a freckle and so on.

When you develop the ability to look at someone’s light, there is no difference anymore. Then you only see what connects you.

So, it goes much deeper. 

The separation from our Heart.

In our “modern” society, the mind is hugely overrated. Our whole schooling system is about filling our mind with “knowledge” and in that way our mind becomes the predominant way of living. Rationally making decisions, trying to understand the world with our mind, using your mind in all you do. That is where the mind is good at. Is that the only way to live your life? What about the Heart?

Our heart literally gives us life, the pump that distributes oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in our body. This is just a small portion of the function of our Heart, the physical part. From a spiritual perspective the Heart is much, much more. It is a gateway to your soul, it is the centre of the Love you are, it is the centre of your Light. From my perspective, your Heart should be the director of your life, living from your Heart, using your intuition and allowing your mind to follow and take care of the practical stuff. Living in tune with your highest purpose. Your mind only knows the past, your Heart knows the present, meaning, when you live from your mind, your Now is a projection of your past. Our Hearts matter.

The separation from who you are. 

We often define ourselves in relationship to others because of our lack of self-esteem. It is the pain inside of us that makes us judge ourselves and others. Bullying for example is often done because one tries to feel better by bullying an other person perceived as being weaker. The one who bullies generally has a low sense of self-esteem, carries a lot of pain and tries to increase that self-esteem by bullying. It’s only the ego part that is being boosted and only for a short while. The real sense of Self can only be found by dealing with the pain. Then you get to know who you are, without the need to define your self in relationship to others. This level of separation is responsible for our materialistic world, as many believed goods, possessions and power would give you happiness and status. You matter.

The separation from our emotions. 

Many of us have been taught emotions are bad and learned to suppress them. We are not allowed to show them as it is inappropriate. All the pain we accumulated in our early childhood and later is still stored in our energy system. It is ready to be triggered. As long as we keep our emotions suppressed and don’t resolve the cause of it, we will keep attracting situations that will show our pain. Anger, sadness, jealousy, you name it, will emerge and control your life.

These emotions are always about someone who did something to you and we don’t realise that it actually has nothing to do with the Now, but the situation only triggers an old event. We feel being a victim. When I myself realised my emotions where only a result of a triggered event of my past, I was able to turn my perspective around and see that actually I was in charge. I could take responsibility for my life and all my experiences. Inner Child work was a huge help. Emotions matter.


The separation from Nature. 

As inhabitants of this beautiful planet Earth, a lot of us have lost our sense of connection to nature. Living in huge cities, between concrete walls, in a 20 or 50 story high building. Our sense of who we are is often coming from our social status, the wealth and stuff we have, our job. Nature is something you visit from time to time, going to the park or during your holiday. Then, we use nature as a way to find relaxation, to escape from the rat race for a moment. We experience what nature does to us, but somehow it doesn’t stick. Found our recharge and now back to “normal”.

We are part of nature, we share large parts of our DNA with the animal and plant kingdom. Still, on a global scale we abuse nature big time. Robbing all her minerals, destroying her forests, polluting her rivers and oceans, polluting her air and soil.

We somehow as a collective don’t realise how much we depend on Mother Nature, Mother Earth. We cannot see somehow what Mother Nature means to us. Living in a highly technological society separates us from her big time. Do you give thanks to the food you eat, do you even know where it comes from? Yes, Mother Nature. Nature matter.


The separation from Source

The bigger picture is off-course the separation from Source. we are kept in the believe we are matter, we are our body and we live in a material, one dimensional world. Nothing further from the truth, my truth anyway. We are multidimensional beings, we are consciousness and for the sake of this game, we lowered our vibration to play (can you see it that way?). This is what we are not supposed to know let alone identify ourselves with this multidimensional beingness. You would know your sacredness, your connectedness, your greatness and this would destroy all the control that is inflicted on you. Divide and rule will be out of the window.



All these levels of separation contribute to the way we perceive each other. All the anger, rage and sadness that is directed to our leaders, is again an outward projection of what is happening inside, feeling a victim of circumstances.

Because of the stress many people are in around survival, it is difficult to unite and start changing things for the better. I believe, as long as we keep ourselves in the space of victimhood, little is going to change, it probably is going to get worse, until we take our power. Not in an aggressive way, but standing strong together, civil disobedience, peaceful protesting, working on an energy level, creating our own way of living together, changing separation into unity. There are so many ways to let our collective voice being heard, but before that we have to unite, solve our differences, first inside ourselfs.

All lives matter, this whole discussion is limited to the so called developed countries and that keeps us from looking across the borders, where people are still enslaved, dying from hunger and thirst. Millions of them every year. 

All lives matter, when we as a collective are able to take our power and return to equality on all levels, we can show our solidarity with the rest of the world and change things around on a global level.

It only takes you as a reader of this message to turn inward and resolve your own pain, step into your own power and connect to others from your Heart. 


Our destiny is UNITY, we are well on our way, let’s continue!