Kind words from clients

Mariette, the Netherlands

when I got in touch with inner child work, I knew this would really work for me. After my first training I decided I wanted to deepen this practice, guided by Janneke. And what a good choice it was! I felt so safe and carried by her guidance, she helped me restoring the contact with little Karin and gave me the right assignments to practice with.I love her openness and sharing, her patience and non-judgement. I especially liked our regression sessions. Also the after care is really warm and soothing and helps me to stay in contact with myself and my inner child.Definitely recommended, also if you are new to inner child work. Thank you sister <3

Karin, the Netherlands

I connected years ago with Janneke in The Netherlands and we became friends on Facebook. Through Facebook I saw that she moved to Peru and what she was doing with Willkamayu Spirit. I thought it was very beautiful and it inspired me.

Last summer (and autumn) I went through a really dark and challenging time of my life. In the summer I shared a little personal story on Facebook and Janneke liked this message. This led me to check her Facebook page and I saw that she was offering an online inner child workshop. I went to the website and read about it, and it really resonated with me. I felt attracted to it so I decided to send a message to Janneke. Her response was really warm and special. She told me that she, by reading my message on Facebook, also felt that inner child work could help me. It felt special that our paths crossed again in this way.

The inner child workshop sessions helped me to reconnect with my inner child and to re-establish the relationship with her. I was already aware that I suppressed a lot of emotions during my childhood and adolescence, and I think this made me lose the connection with my inner child, and with that the connection with my soul. So in the beginning of the workshop it felt quite new and unfamiliar to me to connect with my inner child, and the connection didn’t feel so strong. But the step by step guidance and loving support by Janneke, and the beautiful meditations/visualisations and exercises, helped me to trust and surrender in this process. Over time it became much easier and more natural to connect with my inner child and the connection felt stronger. I now have the tools to listen to the needs, desires and emotions of my inner child. To hold space for her emotions, let her express her emotions and be a loving parent to her. And to feel what she needs to experience joy, playfulness and flow in life.

After the inner child workshop I continued with online coaching sessions with Janneke to further integrate the inner child work, and she also helped me to integrate some of the insights from my ayahuasca ceremony (in February 2020). In September I also received the Reiki I course from Janneke, which I experience as a nice addition to the inner child work and coaching sessions, because it helps me to feel into myself on an energetic level even more.

Janneke is a very warm, compassionate and authentic person with a lot of experience and wisdom to share. Her energy feels loving and soft, yet also powerful and passionate. I felt really connected with her during our sessions, and I felt really seen and heard, even through the screen 😉 Janneke made me feel safe and I trusted her with my feelings and stories, I felt I could share anything with her.

The sessions supported me in a very challenging time and felt like bright lights during a dark time in which I needed a guiding light sometimes to find my own light again. It helped me to connect with myself on deeper levels and to start walking the path back to my true self, my soul. So I feel a lot of gratitude in my heart for Janneke on my (healing) path, and I really recommend working together with her.

Syfra, the Netherlands

My intuition told me it was time to dive deep and strengthen the connection with my inner child. And deep I dove! The main insight that I got through this course was that I am responsible for my own actions and my own worldview. At the same time, I started to understand the difference between what I am and what I was taught to be. Also I learned that if I nurture myself enough, I will experience peace and abundance around me.
Janneke’s guidance was warm, present and I could feel her energy through the screen. It felt just as close as being together face-to-face, which surprised me. I appreciate Janneke’s reflective qualities, her empathy and her down-to-earth connection with spirit.

Inge, The Netherlands

In March 2020 I spent some time in Willkamayu Spirit and had the chance to do the inner child workshop with Janneke. It helped me a lot to understand better myself and the processes I’m going through. Janneke is a very compassionate, caring, honest and loving person who has to share a lot of her wisdom. You feel that she is really living what she is teaching – which gives a strong inspiration to follow her. She is very clear about the theoretical background of the inner child work and uses creative and beautiful tools to experience and feel it.
After I did the workshop I stayed at Willkamayu and went on to work with Janneke as a coach. She helped me to deepen the connection with my inner child and to integrate the tools to work with. She creates a safe and trustful space and askes the right questions on a very creative way to bring you forward, to grow and to connect deeper with yourself. It was very easy to open up to her and I didn’t feel any shame to tell her my inner thoughts and feelings because you feel that she is not judging you.
Now that I’m back in Germany I still go on to work with her via internet. Beside the coaching I’m gonna do the Reiki 1 with her and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m very grateful that I met Janneke, for her input and teachings. If you want to grow, to get a better connection to yourself and to learn important tools for your life I definitely can recommend from my heart doing the workshops with Janneke.

Benita, Germany

It was like coming home – Janneke guided me with compassion, clarity and intuition through the initiation of Reiki 1 online, she took time to answer all my questions and created space for my own process. I loved that there was room for cosmic surprises and true connection. Thank you!

Julie, Germany

After receiving my Reiki 1 with Janneke, I felt so deeply connected to my authentic self, so full of love and clarity that I felt called to do my Reiki 2 a few weeks later. These trainings and attunements opened me up to a connection that I believe we can all tap into if we give ourselves the space to. Learning to connect with my own energy has really shifted the way I interact day to day. My intention going into these trainings was to empower myself to heal my own energy from within, but I gained so much more than this. I have established a life long connection with the universal energy that lies not just within myself but also in the world around me. I have left with a curiosity and passion to continue exploring the endless possibilities this universe has to offer.

Kate, Australia

I recieved the Reiki 1 online with Janneke. She is a wonderful teacher, she is living what she is teaching which makes the whole process authentical.
I was surprised how much I could feel of the initiation although we were not in the same room and have a connection “only” via Internet. But in real you experience that connection and energy is something beyond space and time.
My wish was to connect more with the Universal Energy, learning to use it to heal my own energies and to become more sensitive towards the energies around me and in myself. I’m so grateful I could receive the skills in doing it. when I’m doing reiki for myself I feel really wonderful with a lot of clarity afterwards. It also opens your heart for yourself and the world around you.
I will definitely do the Reiki 2 to dive deeper into this endless space, possibilities and energy of the universe.

Benita, Germany