Reiki is a beautiful basis in energy work. Reiki gives you the confidence and simple tools to intuitively navigate in the world of energy.

Reiki, an intelligent energy!

Reiki is the name given to an ancient healing art system which was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. It is a Japanese word of two syllables, which mean: REI pronounced “ray” = Universal Spirit or essence, and KI pronounced “key” = Life Energy, Light or Chi (as in Tai Chi) Therefore, Reiki (“ray-key”) means Universal Spirit of Life, or Universal Life Energy — the energy of life that is all around us and continually flowing through us, a divine intelligent energy.

The Universal energy of Reiki is a particular frequency that permeates all life, although we do not ordinarily perceive this energy on a visual level, quantum physics has been able to recognise this energy and measure the frequency. Our mystic ancestors have known the existence of healing power since ancient times…

How does Reiki work?

‘By the transference of Reiki healing, there is a noticeable increase in the body’s ability to heal itself’.

The flow of Life Energy through us is what keeps us alive. Yet this flow is uneven for many. The stresses and tensions of daily living, and our thought pattern, combine to create blocks and imbalances to the flow. These blocks are reflected in the body and can manifest as malfunctions or disease. The discipline of Reiki has to do with the use of Universal Life Energy in a healing capacity. People trained in Reiki can access the supply of Life Energy and channel it through their bodies to themselves and to the receiver.

Reiki accelerates the body’s ability to heal physical and mental ailments and assists you to correct imbalances of mind and spirit which lead to disease. It opens you to the pleasure of taking responsibility for your own life and to receiving the joy of relaxed and balanced wellness when this is done.

When someone is treated with Reiki, they are brought back into a state of unity with the harmony of the universe. This harmony, which is able to reach them in their smallest of cells, makes them whole and healthy again, thus encouraging the natural ability of the patient to heal themselves.

Reiki and Inner child work

Personally I love the combination of Reiki with Inner child work. We can also give Reiki to our inner child, and she loves it…
Giving Reiki to your inner child can help her to relax, to calm down, to let go of stored energy, to heal, to ground and to work with our body. Involving our body in healing our inner child helps a lot, as we mostly also feel the wounds from our inner child stored in our body. This is a beautiful practise to send loving and compassionate energy to our energetical wounds.

How can I become a Reiki practitioner?

It is important to study the principles of Reiki and the basics and ethics of energy work. Of high value is to practise and to give Reiki first to yourself to deepen your experience and your intuition. A key element in energy work is to trust, to trust in yourself, your intuition, in the Universal life energy, in Spirit; To let yourself be guided by Spirit.

You will receive during the workshop an alignment to the Reiki lineage and system, where the transference of the Reiki healing energy will take place. This alignment is called an attunement or initiation. A Reiki teacher, someone who is qualified to give such a transmission, facilitates this attunement. This process is a necessary step, as it allows an alignment with the Reiki energies. During this attunement our energies merge with the Reiki energies, and we become a channel, much like a radio being tuned to a station. When completed this initiation the initiate has the energy available which may then be applied for healing effects of numerous situations.

Now this is not to say that after the attunement all our problems are solved and no longer having difficulties in our lives… It is more like that once this attunement is made our connection to the Universal life energies are enhanced. We have then a greater capacity to connect to this healing energy by introducing this to situations to heal and awaken ourselves and others. This healing energy is creative flow, it is held together by love and this is the divine intelligence manifested within you.

As we practise the Reiki, the line between our inner spirit and that divinity of the source, gradually increases. It is for this reason that Reiki can promote one’s inner awakening, spiritual path, wisdom and peace.

Why learn Reiki?

Reiki is a simple yet very profound healing system, everyone can learn it, in fact remember it…
The following are some of the many reasons why one would learn this ancient healing art.

  • Reiki is a complementary therapy to traditional and Western allopathic medicine
  • Reiki assists in the healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
  • Reiki is a powerful yet gentle healing art that provides the receiver and giver with additional life force which boosts the body’s natural ability to heal
  • Reiki summons the potential for growth and spiritual development in a being
  • Reiki is always safe and provides spiritual nourishment and protection to the attuned person
  • Reiki evokes the highest potential for healing and self-empowerment
  • Reiki can be uses for first aid, to heal animals, children, anyone who is out of balance
  • Reiki enhances insight, creative flow and higher understanding of oneself and one`s perception
  • Reiki is a simple tool to reduce stress and enhance inner peace

Tibetan Usui Reiki

Reiki is practiced all over the world and you can do initiations into Reiki everywhere nowadays… because of that there are also in the system of Reiki different traditions and/ or initiations, however in essence they are connected to the Usui Natural healing method. See it as a big tree with different branches. With that to say, even when you did your Reiki 1 in another place, all is good, we can initiate you into this tradition, so we make sure that you are on all levels initiated with the same attunements from one Reiki branch….

We are sharing Online Reiki workshops with you!

We are all interconnected…
Especially in these times we can feel that all profoundly…
People, animals, Mother Nature, the world needs connection and healing…

That is why we are sharing with love the Reiki workshops also online, and we are grateful that that is possible…
We can move beyond working on a physical level, time and space… we can work on a quantum level with energy.

With distance connection and healing we have the ability to send energy and healing to ourselves and our inner child, present situations, people and events.
So we can connect wherever you are located in the world, and we can share Reiki together and even do the initiations! You will feel the experience if you were physically present with us…

Additional Details

When you sign up for the Reiki courses you will receive a Reiki certificate and a Reiki manual after completion. Reiki 1 is required to understand and begin Reiki 2 and we can support you through your Reiki Master certification, but this entails discussion and dedication.

Reiki 1

Usui natural healing method (2 online meetings of around 2 hours)

You will learn:

  • what Reiki is
  • the basic principles of Reiki
  • the ethics of giving Reiki
  • the hand positions
  • you will receive the Reiki 1 initiation

There will be time to share questions and we will give attention to your needs regarding learning Reiki, so we can make a personalized sharing according what you would love to learn regarding energy work.
Before the online meetings you will receive the Reiki reader so you can study before we meet. (study is around 2 hours)

Reiki 2

Usui natural healing method (2 online meetings of around 2 hours)

You will learn:

  • 3 Master symbols
  • 5 symbols
  • how to clean a space energetically
  • how to perform distance healing
  • you will receive the Reiki 2 initiation
  • we will share about the Reiki 1 experiences

Before the online meetings you will receive the Reiki reader so you can study before we meet. (study is around 2 hours)

After receiving my Reiki 1 with Janneke, I felt so deeply connected to my authentic self, so full of love and clarity that I felt called to do my Reiki 2 a few weeks later. These trainings and attunements opened me up to a connection that I believe we can all tap into if we give ourselves the space to. Learning to connect with my own energy has really shifted the way I interact day to day. My intention going into these trainings was to empower myself to heal my own energy from within, but I gained so much more than this. I have established a life long connection with the universal energy that lies not just within myself but also in the world around me. I have left with a curiosity and passion to continue exploring the endless possibilities this universe has to offer.

Kate, Australia