Do you want

To help others find their inner child?

To provide them with an instrument by which they can transform their lives themselves?

That they can free themselves from the pain of their past?

That they can dis-cover their authenticity?

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As a facilitator, you get started yourself first with this instrument. You have to gain experience with it. It allows you to understand and guide people from a deep personal experience as well. In addition, it is a prerequisite to have experience in guiding people and giving workshops.

This instrument is also ideal for integration into existing therapeutic forms of work.

Are you interested in becoming a Facilitator?

In our daily lives we often react from the pain of our past. Usually we’re not aware of that. This pain is stored in our energy system as a kind of “energetic wounds”. This pain comes from unresolved experiences from our youngest youth.

In an extreme sense, this is a form of physical and/or energetic abuse. But even seemingly small incidents can be (from the child’s perspective) traumatic. The child’s basic needs are then not met.

Inner child work is an instrument for self-development.

With this instrument you get in touch with a part of you called the inner child. This part of you carries all the memories from your childhood. You can help your inner child as a wise, loving parent to deal with pain. It heals the wounds and they are no longer triggered in adulthood.

The healing has begun…