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Janneke Boeijen de Loayza

Janneke KillAnka

KillAnka means Moon Eagle in Quechua, the traditional language here in the Andes in Peru.
Janneke, a natural Mamá, a wild woman, highly sensitive, empathetic, intuitive, open minded, enthusiastic, spiritual and down to earth.

Janneke loves to give attention to ceremonies, energy work, personal growth and self-development, rituals, plant medicines, shamanism, Pachamama and Mother Nature.
Janneke shares with passion and devotion Inner child work, Reiki, energy work, intuitive coaching and guides participants during plant medicine retreats journeys and supports integration.

Inner child Work and Reiki I was fortunate to learn in Peru from a Dutch Teacher, Henk Meulendijks. A good friend and Teacher who has given me a lot, and what I can now pass on.. I am super grateful for that.

Inner child work has given me a deep connection to myself, gentleness and compassion, strength and self-confidence… The realization that the answers really lie within myself.
For me inner child work is a super powerful integration tool that I work with on a daily basis, for myself and also for my family. It helps me tremendously in my relationship, in conscious parenting and in conscious motherhood.

Because of Covid, I felt I could start sharing inner child work and Reiki online, and that flows and resonates. Energy work goes beyond time and space, so distance doesn’t matter. For me it is very special that I am still in contact with my roots in the Netherlands.

Janneke as a child

As a child I loved being in nature… We lived in a house in the Bergstraat, outside the built-up area of a village in Brabant. There was a lot of nature around us where I could often be found. For hours I could go outside, preferably with the dogs, adventure, walk and run across the fields… During those adventures I could process what I had experienced and I could express my feelings. In nature there I felt at home; I felt good, safe and understood…

there I could be myself.

Janneke as a teenager

My emotional world was already rich and intense at a young age. Partly because of this and because of the situation at home, I was diagnosed with depression when I was 14 and put on medication. That was a very difficult time for me…

When I was 21 I came into contact with an alternative therapist who worked with the subconscious. Because of her way of guidance I felt understood and partly because of her help I was able to stop taking the medication. This way of therapy appealed to me so much that I saw a vision that later on in life I wanted to support people in a natural way in their process in a ‘cabin in nature`’.

Janneke as a young adult and adult

After that I went to study social work to build a foundation in the care sector. I then started working in addiction care, prostitution care and crisis service for a few years. Eventually I ended up in a burn out, knowing that I was not following my Heart… Early on as a child I already said; ”when I will be big I want to live abroad, close to nature”.
That wish has always been present with me, which meant that I was always looking for something, and I felt that it was difficult to find that in the Netherlands.

On my 28th I traveled to Peru with the intention to heal from the burn out and to gain inspiration regarding healing in a natural way and close to nature. There I came in connection with Ayahuasca, which has brought me deep healing. In the mountains in the Sacred Valley I was able to experience a feeling that I was looking for for a long time…

Coming home to myself on a deep layer, a connection with myself and with Spirit that touched me deeply. And above all recognition, acceptance and grounding in my sensitivity. A few months later I was able to return to Peru to work in an Ayahuasca retreat center for a year. I went and never came back…

Janneke, NOW

Now, six years later, I am married to a Peruvian man and in the beginning of 2021, we gave birth to our wonderful son. We live close to nature and we share a retreat space where we share healing work with plant medicines. To support the participants in their process, I share inner child work, Reiki, intuitive coaching and shamanic rituals.

I follow my Heart and share my passions with much love and joy. I work intuitively, from my own experience and I am super grateful that I can share what has helped me on my personal development and healing path.

Personally, I am now in the process of learning how to be a mother to myself/how to be my own parent. My son is my teacher and inner child work helps me a lot with this. ‘When we show up fully for ourselves, we can show up fully for our children’.