Discover yourself and free yourself from the pain of your past.
Inner child work is a self-help tool for self-development, connection and healing.

Do you want to:

  • Make changes to long-established beliefs, habit patterns and self-sabotaging behaviour?
  • Give relief and healing to past traumas?
  • Consciously pay attention to emotions instead of suppressing them?
  • Understand yourself on deeper layers? Deepen the connection with yourself, your family and ancestors?
  • Connect with a powerful tool for self-compassion and self-love?
  • Empower yourself?

Then inner child work is something for you.

In our daily lives we often react from the pain of our past. Usually we’re not aware of that. This pain is stored in our energy system as a kind of “energetic wounds”. This pain comes from unresolved experiences from our youngest youth.

In an extreme sense, this is a form of physical and/or energetic abuse. But even seemingly small incidents can be (from the child’s perspective) traumatic. The child’s basic needs are then not met.

The child in us now, asks to be seen and heard in who she is and what she has experienced…

So we can start to meet our own needs.

Do you remember this? It's still there...inside you...
and waiting for you!

Inner child work is an instrument for self-development

With this instrument you get in touch with a part of you called the inner child. This part of you carries all the memories from your childhood. You can help your inner child as a wise, loving parent to deal with pain. It heals the wounds and they are no longer triggered in adulthood.

The healing has begun…

My intuition told me it was time to dive deep and strengthen the connection with my inner child. And deep I dove! The main insight that I got through this course was that I am responsible for my own actions and my own worldview. At the same time, I started to understand the difference between what I am and what I was taught to be. Also I learned that if I nurture myself enough, I will experience peace and abundance around me.
Janneke’s guidance was warm, present and I could feel her energy through the screen. It felt just as close as being together face-to-face, which surprised me. I appreciate Janneke’s reflective qualities, her empathy and her down-to-earth connection with spirit.

Inge, The Netherlands