Allow the inner child back into your life

The Inner Child Cards are a tool in working with your inner child. The set contains 45 cards.

A booklet with explanations can give you insights about facets of your life that deserve attention.

Look at the symbol and let it work on you.

Henk Meulendijks


Discover yourself and free yourself from the pain of your past.
Recognize this:

  • Don’t you always have your emotions under control?
  • Do you find it difficult to maintain relationships?
  • Do you feel dependent on the love of others?
  • Do you allow others to hurt you over and over again?
  • Have you been (sexually) abused in the past?
  • Can’t you stand yourself?
  • Do you get depressed often?
  • Don’t you know who you are?

Then inner child work is something for you.

Remember this?
It’s still there… inside you…
and waiting for you!

In our daily lives we often react from the pain of our past. Usually we’re not aware of that. This pain is stored in our energy system as a kind of “energetic wounds”. This pain comes from unresolved experiences from our youngest youth.

In an extreme sense, this is a form of physical and/or energetic abuse. But even seemingly small incidents can be (from the child’s perspective) traumatic. The child’s basic needs are then not met.

Inner child work is an instrument for self-development.

With this instrument you get in touch with a part of you called the inner child. This part of you carries all the memories from your childhood. You can help your inner child as a wise, loving parent to deal with pain. It heals the wounds and they are no longer triggered in adulthood.

The healing has begun…

Liefde is Waarheid

International facilitators available

Currently, facilitators are available in a number of languages for both individual work and group courses. The available languages are


In addition to their knowledge and experience with Inner Child Work, they also use their own working methods for the guidance.
If you want to work with your inner child in one of these languages, please contact us via the contact form.


Thank you Henk for your love, support, connection and guidance, I am very grateful our paths have crossed
Henk has played a significant role in my healing and integration process, his way of guiding has helped me a lot in connecting with my gifts and standing in my light! A very empowering journey we walked together... and we still do!

I did inner child work with Henk, which brought me to the core of my wounds, to accept them and to shine love there. I see and hear myself and my inner child on a deep level now. The work with my inner child opened even doors to my ancestors and different dimensions. It has been a magical journey and it still is for which I am profoundly grateful.
I also did my Reiki Master with Henk, which has been a huge support during my healing and integration. Reiki helped me to connect more en more to my gifts and I am ready to share them now... very grateful for that!

I am connecting daily to my inner child and Reiki which are very powerful tools for healing, balancing and empowerment; to really feel, see and hear yourself! And to connect to the beautiful energies around us, the visible and the invisible...
I am very grateful for the profound support from Henk in my healing and integration process with these beautiful tools!

Henk’s guidance has been for me; very intuitive, straight forward with deep understanding... a very compassionate teacher with a strong connection to Spirit and at the same time down to earth...
Thank you deeply from my heart!

With love, Janneke KillAnka Boeijen de Loayza